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Q- I had my kitchen window replaced with a slider type window . I find it very hard to open and close because I have to reach over the countertop . What can I do ?

A - We would have recommended an awning or casement window for that location because it's a lot easier to open and close. Its important to sell the correct product instead of a lower priced slider window .

Q- I used a big box store to replace some windows and a door for our home . Why are there so many people involved ?

A- We at HD Installations feel that the less people involved in your project the better. Our expert installer will be measuring , ordering and installing all products purchased . Less people involved eliminates mis-measured ,mis-ordered product and poor workmanship .

Q- What is a custom cut-out ?

A- A custom cut-out is enlarging or creating an opening in a wall for a window or a door . Depending on the situation you may require a structural header .

Q- What is Do It Yourself Assistance ?

A- Some people would like to tackle a renovation for the satisfaction of doing it themselves but don't have the confidence of knowing where to start or the know how. We will assist you with starting and completing your own renovations as much or as little help needed . This service is based on availability .

Q- Should I always accept the lowest quote ?

A - No ! In most cases the person providing the lowest quote either missed something or they're using cheaper products and non skilled labour.

No! In most cases there is a reason why one quote is lower than another, and it is rarely as simple as one company being willing to work for less money than the other. In fact, a company with a lower labour rate may actually have a higher quote if their plan is more thorough and complete or if they use better materials. Before accepting any quote, you need to be sure that you understand exactly what is being quoted. Is it everything you asked for? Has it accounted for things that can go wrong? Is the installer qualified? Have they pointed out relevant options that could give you a better quality job?

Aside from these issues that speak directly to workmanship and qualifications there are other reasons that one company may appear to be a better value than they really are. Do they carry insurance? Do they pay taxes and WSIB? Are they employing skilled labour?

Don't look for the lowest quote; look for the BEST quote.


Q - Do you offer volume pricing for larger condominium projects?

A - Yes , we have completed several large window and door projects


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